Concept Design & Engineering







Design and Engineering
We specialize in performance oriented engine and chassis systems.
Designs with manufacturing intuition built in.

Turbocharger systems and components.
Turbocharger unit upgrade options to complete system engineering from intake manifold to tailpipe.

Supercharger systems.
Supercharger package design and integration engineering.

Exhaust and intake manifolds design.
Manifolds for turbocharged applications have the flexibility ofequal length free form runners, V-band flange integration options and internal or external turbocharger wg provisions. Designs tailored to the application and manufacturing process from inception.
Intake manifolds are created and optimized in runner length and plenum capacity to your specific needs.

Charge air management & inter-cooling.
Inter-coolers for application specific packages are designed and managed from concept to finished product. Cast or sheet metal formed end-tanks, application specific inter cooler cores, charge pipe and mounting brackets are tailored for every project.

Fuel delivery components and control.
Port injection to Direct injection systems. High capacity pumps, control components, direct injection fuel lines, and injectors

Tube routing exhaust and charge piping.
3D Computer designed tube routing, optimization and quality control available. From air-filter to exhaust tip.

Custom formed silicone hoses and interconnections.
Custom silicone hose design and tooling manufacturing. Complex curvature and transitions, branches, ports and inserts are modeled and manufactured.

Pulleys, brackets and machined components.
Standard automotive pulleys, bracketry and fluid interconnections are designed and built to your order.