Inspection & Reverse Engineering







Inspection and Digitizing


ROMER Infinite 2.0
Seven Axis Arm Includes integrated counterbalance, re-chargeable Li-ION battery and Wi-Fi wireless interface, pistol grip combination seventh axes scanning / hard probe wrist assembly with infinite rotation, NIST traceable calibrated. Our 8 foot diameter Romer arm is great for large onsite measurement and or laser inspection. An entire engine bay work envelope or exhaust path can be modeled in less than a days work.

The Faro EDGE 7axis. This is our most accurate articulated portable CMM. Faro EDGE with V5 Laser Line Scanner. Portable arm for hybrid meteorology. You can scan surfaces and collect point cloud date with the laser, measure feature primitives with high accuracy with the touch probe in the same setup and project. 

DS2 Scanner
"Desktop structured-light scanner that can generate points at a 0.010mm accuracy." The DS2 scanner employs a high-resolution 3D optical scanning module, and a two-axis rotation system. A model mounted on the rotary stage automatically rotates, while the scanning module obtains 3D data. The 3D scanning module adopted was develop on the basis of high-precision, high-resolution industrial 3D scanning technology.

Mitutoyo CMM
High accuracy manual contact CMM table.

Mitutoyo Optical Profile Projector
Digital optical profile projector and comparator.


Polyworks V12
Polyworks is developed by InnovMetric Software has the largest installed customer base of high-density point cloud software in the manufacturing community worldwide. Leading-edge automotive and aeronautic OEMs such as BMW, Boeing, Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Rolls-Royce, Toyota, and Volkswagen, and their suppliers, use PolyWorks in their daily point cloud digitizing, dimensional analysis, comparison to CAD, and reverse-engineering tasks. Polyworks smoothly integrates all digitizer brands and technologies, including articulated arms, hard probes and laser trackers.

Point2CAD is an indispensable software for intuitively reverse engineering physical parts into SolidWorks CAD environment