Audi B7 RS4 4.2L FSI SC


Aviva Instruments presents in partnership with Addict : Motorsport our latest development for the Audi 4.2l V8 FSI platform. Our goal: To provide the ultimate performance forced induction solution for the Audi RS enthusiast. Working with Eaton and Magnuson engineers though the course of the design, testing and manufacturing we were able to combine the most efficient TVS automotive supercharger ever produced to Audi's RS V8 flagship.

The TVS R1900 Supercharger is ideally matched to Audi's 4.2L FSI high revving motor, for the power and performance goals of our demanding enthusiasts. The result of all the design engineering, rapid prototype iterations and computer assisted simulations is best described as Instant Thunder from 2500-8500 RPM. The power band is generously supplemented from the moment the clutch is engaged to the very edge of red line,  realizing the full potential of Audi's quattro AWD system to generate forward thrust.



  • EATON - Magnuson TVS R1900 supercharger.
  • 5-Axis CNC Machined manifold plenum and fully optimized CNC ported runners.
  • Massive twin air-to-water inter-coolers, designed for steady state operation at over 800CHP.
  • Aviva [ HPMFS ] High Pressure Fuel Management System for the Aviva 4.2L FSI TVS SC system.
  • Aviva high flow aluminum cast and machined RS4 specific supercharger air inlet.
  • Precision AN fluid fittings and interconnection throughout the system.
  • Fully upgradable and customizable performance packages. .5 Bar to 1.25 Bar operating boost levels.
  • Designed and manufactured in Southern-California.

Eaton TVS R1900

alt Eaton’s Twin Vortices Series.
75% isentropic efficiency.
Large frame short helix rotors ideal for high PR operation.
Magnuson housing.


altPrecision & quality over quantity & cost.  Machining over 40lbs of AL billet down to what becomes the light weight, highly surfaced and intricate components. The plenum chamber, inter-cooler headers and the fully surfaced runners are milled in high speed 5-axis machining centers.

Unlimited Performance

altThe potential of your system is not confined to a one size fits all option. The hardware & performance goals can be user tailored. While we offer a number of performance levels to match your likely performance goals, as enthusiasts we understand the drive to develop something your own personal way. Consider our hardware as your open source platform.


EATON TVSR1900 Magnuson supercharger.

5-axis machined AL intake manifold.
High flow cast AL intake.
Exclusive low profile actuator system.
HPFMs High capacity fuel lines.
High flow waterpumps.
Large front mount heat exchanger. * [ HP ]
OEM RS4 Idler Pulleys and Belt.
Engineered stainless steel brackets.
OE iat sensor relocated post intercooler.
High quality coolant lines and AN interconnections.
Plug and play wiring system.
Stainless steel hardware.
Intake gaskets.











Software and Calibration

ADDICT : Motorsport & United-Motorsport UK partnered to develop the most advanced & exclusive RS4 calibration and ECU tuning program available.
Remastering the assembly code in the dual ECU high-speed V8 RS4 to achieve custom and innovative functions is a capability exclusive to United-Motorsport. Calibrating and tuning the high revving naturally aspirated motor to become a forced induced snap-revving torque-powerplant. Using Addict:Motorsport's in house chassis & road load simulation dyno for iterative refinements to all aspects of the tune.  Orchestrating the optimal combination of boost, fuel, ignition timing, cam phase and more to be in perfect harmony with the drivers requests.

UM Launch Control:
S button On - Car in neutral - Hold rpm's to where you want to launch, blip brake with your left foot. You'll see the check engine light blink once to indicate it's set. Depress clutch, and put your right foot fully to the floor. Car will keep rpm's to where you set them. Release clutch to launch.

FastFlash: Under 4.5 Mins per ECU for File updates and programing. Either at home with the UM Cable, or at your installation & service center. Flashing through the convenience of your vehicles OBD port.

Closed loop cooling control:
The ECU programing monitors intercooler performance and controls necessary fan modules to respond to varying conditions of available airflow. Ensuring that the twin air to water inter-coolers are primed with cool water and ready for launch.


System Configuration Options

altWhichever system configuration you select, the TVS R1900 supercharger 's characteristics complement the 4.2L FSI like no other. It operates in the heart of the isentropic efficiency operating region, which means that this supercharger pumps more air with less heat while minimizing parasitic loss.  Heat in the intake charge is the enemy of forced induction performance. Cooler air entering the combustion chamber is denser, allowing more fuel to be burned, and makes the intake charge more detonation resistant. The result:  a more powerful system with less stress on the engine.

LP [ Low Pressure Configuration ] - Running 5-9 psi at the intake manifold, the [ LP ] configuration provides power and efficiency within the bounds of the original HPFPs, and cooling system. Without compromising on any component, the LP configuration delivers blistering performance for less cost than any other supercharger kit available for the RS4. Since the LP configuration is based off the same core components as the HP configuration, your option to upgrade at any time is always open.

HP [ High Pressure Configuration ] - Running at an elevated 8-13.5 psi at the intake manifold, the HP configuration requires more fuel than the original fuel pumps can deliver. As such, the HP configuration includes two new Aviva Instruments HPFPs, an oversized aluminum heat exchanger and a high-flow electric coolant pump capable of delivering 120+ liter-per-minute . Instant, traction-breaking acceleration through 1st, 2nd , and 3rd gear and power-on throttle-steering is at the exclusive service of your right foot.

HP+ [ High Pressure Configuration + ]
Customer specific boost profiles, for stock to fully built engines. Take the RS4 further than anyone else can.


Manifold Pressure Cooling Fuel Pumps
LP [Low Pressure] 5-9 psi Standard cooling package, single heat exchanger Stock HPFP's
HP [High Pressure] 8-13.5 psi Upgraded coolant pump and dual heat exchangers Aviva HF HPFP's


Power Metrics

[ LP ] Supercharger

[ HP ] Supercharger

 Coming shortly


Dyno Benchmarks

Performance Configuration HP Peak TQ Peak Max HP Delta over Stock Max TQ Delta over Stock
Stock as reported by Audi 420  317 FT-LBS    
LP Configuration        
LP UM:AMD 92 Octane (R+M)/2 595  460 FT-LBS    
HP Configuration        
HP UM:AMD 92 Octane (R+M)/2  660 *3      
HP+ UM:AMD 104-109 Octane (R+M)/2*2        

*1 Mustang AWD Chassis Dyno
*2 Stock Motor, Stock Airbox
*3 In Testing

Acceleration Benchmarks

Performance Configuration 0-60 mph 100-200 km/h 60-130 m/h 1/4 Mile ET  1/4 Mile MPH
[ LP ] 3.7 s 8.3 s  9.62 s

 11.812 s

 118.72 MPH
[ HP ]  * *  * 11.355 s 126.82 MPH
[ HP+ ]   ( Race Fuel ) *  6.64 s  7.65 s  * *

* Testing in progress

Application Guide

Model Year Vehicle Engine Drivetrain [ LP ] Price [ HP ] Price
2006-2008 Audi B7 RS4 Sedan 4.2L FSI V8 [BNS] MT 6 - Quattro $10,990 + $2,990
2006-2008 Audi B7 RS4 Cabriolet 4.2L FSI V8 [BNS] MT 6 - Quattro $10,990 + $2,990

*Tuner kit (without software & support) available for $9,990 direct.


Record setting 1/4 mile pass during [ HP ] testing.

[ LP ] Benchmarking


Authorized Installation Partners

State City Phone Website
Addict : Motorsport WA Woodinvile

(425) 424-2165
Supreme Power CA Anahiem (714) 632-1951
BBI Autosport CA Huntington Beach (714) 843-0200
VLM Spec CA Truckee (530) 380-Audi
KMD Tuning NJ Saddle Brook (201) 773-9171
Autosport Werks CO Broomfield (303) 460-9900
Imola Motorsports MN Minneapolis (763) 205-2561
EPL CT Stratford (203) 345-6499
United Motorsport UK UK  United Kingdom

0844 357 6174
PRJ Tuning EE  Tartu, Estonia